Marion County CAC hiring forensic interviewer

The Marion County Child Advocacy Center is hiring a forensic interviewer at their Keystone and 38th street facility. The position’s job description and scope is below. Pay starts at $35,000 and the deadline to apply is February 14, 2019.

Applicants should email Kim Rasheed with their resume and cover letter at

Purpose & Scope

Responsible for conducting all Forensic Child Interviews as requested by Law Enforcement, Child Protection Services and/or other investigative agencies.

Work Environment

Duties conducted primarily in the office with some meetings and/or tasks to be conducted outside of the office. Work hours will primarily be Monday through Friday8:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. or 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.


  1. Will interview children ages 15 years or younger or developmentally delayed at the request of law enforcement, child protection workers or prosecution typically during regular office hours but occasionally interviews may occur before or after scheduled work hours as needed.
  1.  Maintain the child interview rooms, make sure all equipment is in working order and report all non-functioning equipment to the Executive Director or the Administrative Assistant of the Executive Director.
  1.  Participate in peer/case reviews and present cases when requested.
  1.  Develop working relationships with participating agencies and consult with the agencies before interviewing the victim(s) or witness(es).
  1.  Maintain and document the number and length of each interview, names of the witnesses and observers, and cite the location of where the taped interview took place.
  1.  Survey the participating agencies to determine their level of satisfaction with the specialized interviewer.
  1.  Respond to subpoenas and testify when requested.
  1.  Participate in supervision, professional development and on-going training activities including being trained in child forensic interview techniques.
  1.  Enter statistical data into the case tracking system.
  1. Participate in an on-call rotation schedules
  1. Mentor and train newly hired Forensic Child Interviewers
  1. Perform other duties which may be assigned by the Executive Director.

Qualifications and Skills Required

Bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, social work or related field or equivalent work experience. Must be able to work well with children from a variety of backgrounds. Must be able to work with related agencies as part of a team in an investigation as well as work independently. Familiarity with child welfare system and prosecution preferred. Must be able to handle stress effectively and respond appropriately providing crisis intervention when required.  Candidates with interviewing experience and who are bilingual are encouraged to apply. Must be a resident of Marion County or willing to move to Marion County within six (6) months of hire.

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