Helping Indiana Child Advocacy Centers be the right place for abused and neglected children

When children in Indiana disclose an allegation of abuse, neglect, sexual assault, or are a witness to a crime, law enforcement and DCS turn to Child Advocacy Centers.

The Indiana Chapter of NCA is on a mission to empower CACs to be the best and right place for kids to talk about their experiences in a safe, neutral, child-friendly environment.

Get free guides to help you talk to kids about serious issues

Download and browse free guides to help you and your family through the difficult time after a child makes an outcry of abuse.

Do you suspect a child is in danger or abuse is happening?

Call 911, or in Indiana, call the DCS Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-800-5556.

See what our multidisciplinary teams are doing to prevent and treat child abuse

We’re on a mission to promote the development, growth and sustainability continuation of children’s advocacy centers in the State of Indiana through education, training, mentoring, collaboration, advocacy, development of resources and legislation.

Report child abuse at

Everyone in Indiana is a mandated reporter of abuse.

Call the Indiana child abuse hotline at 1-800-800-5556 or 911 in an emergency to report a suspicion of child abuse, neglect, sexual assault, or maltreatment.

The Indiana Chapter partners with and receives support from these organizations
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We envision an Indiana where all children alleged to be a victim of abuse will have reasonable access to a full array of evidence-based Child Advocacy Center services and an effective multidisciplinary response to their case and their care.

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