How to find a therapist and ask the right questions

What to expect from counseling & therapy

If you and the team recognize your child needs counseling, know that it will help your child develop a healthy self-image. They will learn to trust again, identify ways to stay safe, and find ways to stay in control.

Therapy is a unique opportunity for a child to meet with a trained professional toward establishing and achieving healthy goals.

How long will counseling take?

The counselor will establish an individual treatment plan. There is no set number of sessions or hours. 

How much will counseling cost?

Insurance can cover costs, but absent private insurance or Medicaid, talk to your Family Advocate. They can help you identify affordable ways to receive counseling. Money is available if you qualify through the Victim Compensation fund that can cover counseling.

What should I ask a counselor before starting?

  • Do you specialize in working with children?
  • Are you experienced with trauma-based and trauma-informed care?
  • What methods do you use? Are they based in science and researched evidence?
  • What treatments do you use?
  • Do you recognize our family’s strengths?
  • Do you have experience engaging schools?

What should I ask after the first few sessions?

  • Was my child comfortable? Did they feel validated and heard?
  • Did the therapist respond to my child?
  • Did you and your child feel better after?
  • Did your child feel safe?
  • Was your child given coping mechanisms?
  • Were you supported as the caregiver in parenting your child?

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