CAC guides and how-to

Indiana Chapter Factsheet (PDF)

This PDF sheet is useful to included in printed materials, including folders or briefs to the media or legislators.

  • Shows latest coverage of Indiana CACs
  • Includes mission and defines a CAC
  • Includes material on annual estimated caseloads, abuse statistics, and cost savings of CACs

Community response to child abuse sheet

A one-page set of bullet points to help staff and families understand what’s next as part of their forensic interview. Also available as a Word document.

2023 NCA Accreditation Standards (PDF)

The “red book” guide to National Children’s Alliance 2023 accreditation standards.

Working with the media and press

Letter to the Editor template (Word)

CACs can use this Letter to the Editor template to help them publish commentary and opinions about child abuse, prevention, and other appropriate material in their local newspapers.

Press Release template (Word)

This free Word document is available for CACs to use as a template to announce upcoming events, dates, or news. Remember: press releases are for the press, not the general public.

Steps for working with the media

A helpful guide to prepare for working with members of the press and media. Also includes a list of items to have prepared in advance.

How to write a press release

Short tips and guidelines for writing press releases, what to include, what to exclude, and language choice.

CAC management and sample documents

Sample terms of service agreement (Word)

CACs can gain compliance with some laws and regulations for website terms of service agreements.

Technology guidelines (Word)

These technology guidelines help CACs cover the security, technical, and data storage, and sharing needs of their facilities in a sustainable, secure way.

Social media guidelines (Word)

CACs seeking a sample policy or guidelines on social media usage among staff can use this template as a starting point.

NCA Standard 9 templates

Coming soon!

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