CASIE Center wins Leighton nonprofit award for St. Joseph County

CASIE Center Award via Peter Ringenberg
Carolyn Hahn (left) of the CASIE Center and Rose Meissner (right) of the St. Joseph Co. Community Foundation. Photo by Peter Ringenberg, South Bend Tribune

Joseph Dits reporting for the South Bend Tribune:

SOUTH BEND — The nonprofit CASIE Center, working with kids when allegations of abuse arise, has won this year’s local Leighton Award for Nonprofit Excellence.

“They serve as a backbone to coordinate a whole variety of services that put the child at the center,” said Rose Meissner, president of the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, as it announced the award today. “It serves these vulnerable children in the most supportive way.”

The award comes with a $150,000 endowment grant where, in order to receive the full amount, CASIE must raise a matching $150,000. The resulting $300,000 will be added to the CASIE Center’s endowment at the foundation. The organization will also receive an additional $25,000 to help with the costs of fundraising.

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