Marion County Child Advocacy Center

Marion County Child Advocacy CenterMarion County

4134 North Keystone Avenue
Indianapolis, IN



Erin Warrner

Executive Director

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases to the fullest extent of the law. This Center is an NCA Affiliate Member.

About the Child Advocacy Center

In Marion County, if a child has been victimized or is a witness to a violent crime they may be interviewed at the Marion County Child Advocacy Center, a division of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. The Child Advocacy Center is a child-focused center dedicated to providing children a safe and comfortable place where highly trained child interviewers talk to children in private, child-friendly interview rooms.

Also, at the Child Advocacy Center, deputy prosecutors, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Child Abuse Detectives, Department of Child Services (DCS) investigators and caseworkers all work under one roof to coordinate a unified response to child abuse reports so that every child is treated with equal importance. Reducing trauma suffered by a child victim or witness during the investigation and prosecution is the primary goal of the Child Advocacy Center. For more information about the Child Advocacy Center, please contact us at (317) 327-6900.

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