How to: conduct a forensic interview during a pandemic

Child First and the Zero Abuse Project have established a full document on conducting a pandemic-era forensic interview and defending it in court.

The 20-page document was written by Victor Vieth, Rita Farrell, Rachel Johnson, and Robert Peters.

The guide covers several changes and recommendations, including:

  • Health screenings
  • Limiting the number of people in the CAC
  • Reduce movement in the CAC from room to room
  • Modifications to waiting and common areas
  • Modifications to ways MDTs are brought together
  • PPE for the child and interviewer
  • Social distancing practices
  • Sneeze guards and plexiglass
  • Forensic interview protocols, including how to build rapport, transition topics, and more
  • How and when to conduct tele-forensic interviews
  • Developing a back-up plan if equipment fails
  • Explaining the process for the tele-forensic interview to the child
  • Interview aids
  • and defense in court

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