Is emotional abuse as bad as physical and sexual abuse? Yes, and in many ways, it’s worse.

A young boy sits with his back turned, alone, in a basement next to a teddy bear facing toward the camera and looking up as a light shaft shines from a broken window.

All abuse is inherently emotionally abusive. When you hit a child or person, there is no doubt they suffer mentally. Emotional abuse is just as damaging and severe to a person’s well-being as physical and sexual abuse. To be clear, “emotional” abuse is often used interchangeably with “mental” abuse, but there is a distinction. Emotional … Read more

Positive parenting during COVID-19

Positive Parenting

It’s hard for parents to feel positive amid all the stress and news during COVID-19. The WHO and others have prepared this infographic for maintaining positive parenting.

With every child at home because of COVID-19, cyber bullying has become more threatening

Cyber Bullying

Gov. Eric Holcomb reported yesterday that every school in Indiana is shut down and utilizing either spring break days, e-learning days, or getting waivers for time off amid the COVID-19 spread. With over 1 million kids at home, an immense amount of time is likely spent connected to a screen. That may be more than … Read more

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