Open Letter to Child Advocates: “You are on the Front Lines Slaying Dragons Every Day”


In a recent open letter published on Huffington Post, former child welfare attorney Stacey Steinberg thanks child advocates for being “the real heroes who [lead] the fight on the ground.”

Steinberg remembers the day she realized how important child advocates really are. When a social worker on her team got sick, she had to fill in. “Johnny had bruises on his body, his runny nose had crusted over, and he was dirty. I wanted to drop everything and scrub away his despair.”

After spending a day in the shoes of a child advocate, she developed a deep appreciation for those who “are on the front lines slaying dragons every day.”

Be sure to check out the article and remember that even though “caring for abused and neglected children is a thankless calling,” the work we all do changes lives for the better every single day.

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