Zoey’s Place in Hancock Co. hiring first Executive Director/VA/Forensic Interviewer

Hours: Full – Time, $65,000.00, No Health Insurance

To apply, mail your resume and cover letter before October 25th to:

Zoey’s Place CAC
27 American Legion Place
Greenfield, IN. 46140

Job Summary

As part of the Child Advocacy Center team, the employee in this position is charged with the responsibility of implementing the overall mission and policies of the Child Advocacy Center, through the administration of office personnel, volunteer development, financial management, interaction with related agencies, and overseeing the coordination and case management of child abuse cases that come through the Child Advocacy Center. The director will also be responsible for assisting with families and team members during the interview process.


  1. Responsible to: Board of Directors.
  2. Supervised by: Board of Directors.
  3. Supervisor of: Direct personnel in the performance of their duties and conducts regular performance


  1. Bachelor’s degree in social services, nonprofit management or related field or work experience in the
  2. Minimum of five years of work experience in related field (preferred two years of previous administrative responsibility).
  3. Have management skills necessary to conduct the financial, personnel and administrative duties of a social service
  4. Competent to create and recommend policies, goals, and objectives to theBoard of
  5. Has an understanding of the specific developmental and welfare needs of children, adolescents and their
  6. Understands and has knowledge of the community resources and services that may be ableto assist the children and
  7. Competent and effective communication abilities, both verbal and
  8. Possesses above average interpersonal skills to relate positively to children and theirfamilies, the Board of Directors, related agencies involved with the families, associates, staff and the general public/the
  9. Demonstrates a desire to improve the quality of life for abused and neglected
  10. Ability to develop and write


  1. General Administration:
    1. Implement policies, goals and objectives adopted by the Board of
    2. Provide chief administrative responsibility, leadership andsupervisionof servicesprovided by the Child Advocacy
    3. Provide public accountability of the Child Advocacy
    4. Provide verbal and written reports as required by the Board of Directors, funding sources and other bodies as
    5. Monitor and evaluate the maintenance of the program
    6. Coordinate obtaining and disposing of equipment and
  1. Uphold and ensure that legal obligations of the agency are met, in conjunction with the Board of
  2. Coordinate a multidisciplinary team of
  3. Coordinate the services provided by the multidisciplinary team of
  4. Organize and attend monthly staff meetings with the multidisciplinary
  5. Assist the team and families as needed during the interview

Financial Management

  1. Prepare and submit budgets related to the financial and other resources of the Child Advocacy Center to the Board of
  2. Provide direction and responsibility for the control of the resources.
  3. Develop financial resources, including actively leading fundraising events, in conjunction with the Board of


  1. Provide overall control and direction of the personnel
  2. Screen, hire, terminate and direct personnel in the performance of their
  3. Provide supervision and performance evaluations to
  4. Maintain personnel records and carries out personnel policies as established by the Board of

Program Development and Evaluation

  1. Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors specific short-term and long-range goals and plans for the development of the programs and services
  2. Review current local, state, and national issues important to the development of effective programs and
  3. Monitor and evaluate the agency’s services, in relation to the mission of the Child Advocacy
  4. Provide input and recommendations for programs and service improvements to the Board of
  5. Oversee the development, enforcement, and modification of operation


  1. Public:
    1. Prepare and disseminate information to the community and agencies regarding the mission and activities of the Child Advocacy Center (via public relations, personal contacts, and writtenmaterials).
    2. Contact the media regarding Child Advocacy Center fundraisers and events of community
  2. Board of Directors:
    1. Maintain appropriate communications and working relationships with the Board of Directors and its
    2. Prepare and submits reports and/or recommendations to the Board ofDirectors as to the agency’s activities and
    3. Render technical and professional assistance to the Board of Directors andits committees.
  3. Community:
    1. Develop and maintain positive relations with community agencies,social services groups and other professionals within the
    2. Serve and uphold professional standards as a representative of the Child Advocacy Center in the community and to related agencies (i.e. attend the Multidisciplinary Team meetings and other community meetings as outlined by the Board of Directors).
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