Halloween Tips

As you and your family bring out the Halloween decorations and prepare for parties and trick-or-treaters, take time to read the following tips to ensure Halloween is safe and happy for your family and guests.


  • Make sure sidewalks, driveways and stairs are well-lit for visibility and clear of anything that may create a trip-and-fall hazard, especially if you anticipate having guests after dark for Halloween festivities.
  • Even the friendliest of pets can become agitated or over-excited with an influx of Halloween visitors. Avoid any potential hazard by keeping your family pets away from your Halloween guests and visitors.
  • As you and your family prepare the traditional jack-o-lanterns, use extreme caution if you decide to place a burning candle inside or around your home for added Halloween ambiance. Candles can be a fire hazard if not appropriately monitored. Consider using battery-operated candles inside your jack-o-lanterns as an alternative.
  • If you hand out treats to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, use only commercially-packaged treats.
  • Parents will want to supervise younger children as they go door to door, but remember to secure your home before leaving to avoid any potential thefts.

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Wishing you a safe and a Happy Halloween!

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